Laboratory Management is made Simpler

"I don't need a hard disk in my computer if I can get to the server faster... carrying around these non-connected computers is byzantine by comparison." - Steve Jobs


CloudLMIS is a cloud based laboratory information management system, built on cutting edge technologies to keep your data secure and available from anywhere and anytime. CloudLMIS team constantly build new features to satisfy laboratories and patients needs with free automated software updates.

No Setup

CloudLMIS is a cloud based solution, it does not require any on-premise setup, all you need is a web browser. CloudLMIS also supports importing patients records to expedite the migration from other systems.

CloudLMIS supports unlimited users, giving the lab's manager the ability to define users with granular permissions. CloudLMIS performs a daily backup of your data.

Results Delivery

CloudLMIS supports various printing options to publish test results, such as spliting tests by department, displaying interpratations and conventional & SI units. CloudLMIS delivers test results to patients through SMS and Email channels.

Tests Library

CloudLMIS has a comprehensive set of tests defined according to CAP standards, supporting conventional and SI unit. CloudLMIS supports defining multiple settings for each test to accomodate different kits and price classes. Formulas to calculated tests can be defined to speed up test results entry. CloudLMIS also supports bundling tests into profiles.

Referrals Management

CloudLMIS supports referrals management for tests received or sent to other labs. Referrals can login to CloudLMIS to view sent tests status and download tests results.


CloudLMIS provides various profesessional reports, such as invoices, income, referrals and patients statements, etc...


CloudLMIS logs all versions of changes made on tests, which makes it easier to trace when and who performed changes on tests.


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